About buying a business

About buying a business

Starting from scratch is not the only way you can get started. If you are looking for business expansion, buying an existing business is the quickest way to do that. We’re here for you, whether you want to acquire a small business in your own industry, such as an existing running café, or explore opportunities in an unrelated industry.

Many business-acquisition opportunities are not always widely known because sellers wait patiently for the right buyer to knock instead of taping a for-sale sign on their window.

BIGMINDZ Business Solutions begins by finding out about your skills and interests, and then selects the right business for you. With our help, you may find that the industry you’ve never considered is the ideal one for you. We pre-screen businesses that are suited for you to negotiate and assist in all your paperwork. Please Contact BBS to buy a business.

Buy in expansion, or start from scratch?

The decision on whether to purchase an existing business or start a new one focuses mainly on both personal and financial issues. Buying an existing business is the fastest way to expand business, as existing businesses have a proven history, brand recognition, plans, systems and inventory.

Apart from a viable business model, the advantage of buying a business is that it is affordable than starting from scratch, cash flows may be immediate as the sellers have already taken care of the heavy lifting associated with starting a business. They have built infrastructure with operating procedures, such as computers, telephone systems and furniture.

They have developed policies and procedures and have long-term relationships with suppliers, customers and various legal and financial experts. These are all things that take a huge amount of time, money, and energy. Additionally, there may be other intangible benefits associated with the purchase of an existing business, such as established brands, trademarks, copyrights, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We advise a due diligence of the business before you take the decision to buy a business. You may refer to our due diligence page for more details.

Many sellers will often make an emotional evaluation that may exceed the actual worth of the business. A professional appraisal is recommended in order to properly arrive at the value. Buyers generally feel that the price quoted by the seller is high. A prudent way of looking at it is by determining the kind of returns that the buyer will receive from the project considering his/her skill set and resources. Also, how much it would cost the buyer to start and get the company to the level that the seller has got, including time value of money.

Whether it is your first business, or you are a seasoned business veteran looking to grow, bigmindz strives to make buying a business, smooth and quick. We connect you to the business you desire. We have substantial listing of businesses-for-sale in various fields, thus saving your precious time, energy and resources in finding the right businesses that fit your financial goal, experience, aspiration, and lifestyle. Buying a business could be a complicated process, because of the interrelation of business, legal, and people issues. We are an experienced facilitator between you and the business owners and can effectively relay offers, discuss terms and conditions, as well as negotiate win-win transactions, ensuring smooth completion of all deals.

For most projects, we do not charge buyers. For certain projects, KAPSO charges a small pre-fixed commission from buyers. Also, if you like us to work specifically for your requirements, we charge a fee depending on the package you choose, to ensure that you are serious about buying a business.

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