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Valuation is an Art, not a Science!

Business pricing is more an art than a science. Sellers who tend to look at the big picture, like the deal structure and pricing, are usually more successful in selling their business. One of the reasons why business valuation is so complicated is that there is no standard methodology available to value small businesses for sale.

The actual value of your business is the amount that someone is willing to pay for in the business-to-sale marketplace. Personal feelings about your company’s value are far less important than accurate documentation and other factors that could potentially influence value. It is important for sellers to recognize that the main reason buyers purchase is the return on investment (ROI).

At the end of the day, all buyers are seeking to make a profit from their purchase by obtaining an appropriate ROI, so it is very important for the seller to have a successful exit plan considered from the buyer’s point of view.

Our Valuation Report scope will cover the following:

Why choose Bigmindz Business Solutions

Our Experience – We have advised more than 500 SMEs & Startups for preparation of their Pitch Decks and Information Memorandum during the fundraising process

Our Expert Advice & Recommendations – We shall not only assist you with the preparation of the pitch deck but also advise you on business model changes needed such that we pitch it right to investors

Our Highly Affordable Pricing – Our in house team of experts and advisors will help you in the preparation of a high-end pitch deck at very competitive pricing in the market

To understand what procedure we follow in formulating a business valuation and how it may be beneficial for your company in specific, write to us at contact@bigmindz.com

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